Peyton Manning jersey vs. Brady Debate Officially Over
Peyton Manning jersey chokes in the playoffs
Peyton Manning jersey has made five playoff appearances in his career. Four times in those five years, he has played his very worst game of the season in the playoffs. If it happened once, it’s a bad game. When it happens twice, it’s a coincidence. When it happens three times, it’s a trend. When it happens four times, it’s simply who you are. And this is who Peyton Manning jersey is: a guy who plays his worst games in the playoffs. Put most simply, it’s unreasonable to call a player the best quarterback in football when he reserves his worst games for the biggest moments. The single-worst statistical game of Peyton Manning jersey’s career (a 31.2 passer rating) came in a 41-0 loss to a 9-7 Jets team in the 2002 postseason. The third-worst game of his career (35.5 rating) came in a 24-14 loss to 14-2 New England in the 2003 postseason. Brady, meanwhile, elevates his game when it matters most. One year after another, he’s turned in his most impressive performances against the toughest teams when the stakes are highest. These performances include a 312-yard passing game in a blizzard in his playoff debut, two last-second Super Bowl-winning scoring drives, two Super Bowl MVP awards, several Super Bowl passing records and a 2004 AFC championship game in which he shredded the league’s top defense on the road, posting a season-high 130.5 passer rating in the process.
Brady has done more for New England than Peyton Manning jersey has for IndySure, the Colts were a second-rate organization before the arrival of Peyton Manning jersey. He’s a great quarterback who has certainly done a lot to improve his franchise’s fortunes. He just hasn’t done as much as Brady. The Colts had their best record, 13-3, in 1999, Peyton Manning jersey’s second year in the league. They’ve plateaued since, failing to win more than 12 games in a season while appearing in just one AFC title game. The Patriots were also a second-rate organization, one that had never won an NFL championship and boasted just eight playoff victories in its first 41 years of existence. Since Brady took the helm, New England has posted back-to-back 14-win seasons, added nine playoff victories and won three NFL titles. Bill Belichick, meanwhile, had a career record of 42-58 before handing the reins to Brady. His record since is 61-17. Brady always outplays Peyton Manning jersey When their two teams square off, Brady is 6-0 and he routinely outplays his fantasy football prodigy of a counterpart. Here are their respective stats in their six meetings: * Brady: 121 for 180 (67.2%), 1,322 yards, 10 TDs, 4 INTs, 98.0 passer rating
* Peyton Manning jersey: 137 for 234 (58.5%), 1,542 yards, 9 TDs,NCAA Jerseys, 10 INTs, 73.3 passer rating Sure, New England has had a better defense. But if you're argument is that Peyton Manning jersey is the best quarterback in football, doesn't it stand to reason that he should be capable of lighting up a good defense? Peyton Manning jersey should have great numbersThe Colts have given Peyton Manning jersey every imaginable resource needed to post eye-popping numbers. He’s handed the ball off to two Hall of Fame running backs, Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James, and throws the ball to a collection of fleet-footed No. 1 draft pick receivers. Until this year, Indy management has routinely spurned its defense to spend money on offensive talent. Peyton Manning jersey is supposed to have great numbers. Brady has posted remarkably similar numbers throwing to a collection of low-round draft picks and NFL journeymen, on a team that has devoted much fewer resources to stacking its team with offensive talent. The numbers are not that differentMost fans believe Peyton Manning jersey posts spectacular numbers year after year while Brady merely muddles along with pedestrian statistics. The truth is that Brady actually has better numbers at this point in his career (five-plus years in the league) than Peyton Manning jersey had at the same point in his career. And even when we take into consideration Peyton Manning jersey’s record-setting 2004 campaign, the two are very close on the all-time passer rating list. Peyton Manning jersey is No. 4 (92.3 on the list. Brady is No. 7 (87.5). The bottom lineNo quarterback in football today – and arguably no quarterback in history – has pieced together a better combination of historically strong passing statistics and team success than Brady.
Peyton Manning jersey puts up great numbers in the regular season. Brady puts up great numbers all the time, especially when the games count most, and has done it with less talent around him. He's also done more to alter his team’s fortunes and has been the undisputed leader on one of just three teams in NFL history to win three championships in a four-year span. Brady, then, is the better quarterback.