If one day you walked into my heart, you cry, because it all is you! If one day I walked into your heart, I will cry, maybe you there without me!
do not know, maybe one day in a noisy city,juicy couture tracksuits, we pass, I will be stopped and stared at the back of that is gone, tell yourself, that person I once loved!
Why are so so cool, because I was too warm! The original 521 +365 = 886!
Can not be friends after breaking up, because the two sides hurt, can not do the enemy, because the love each other too! So we become the most familiar stranger! In fact, I really afford to lose feeling! . ; ; ; if one day the future You say you want to leave me, I will not leave you,abercrombie fitch store, I know you have your reasons! If in the future one day, you said you loved me actually, I will tell you, in fact I'm still waiting for you!

not say it is not changed, that is, never never change!

life a thousand reasons even if you cry, you have to have one thousand and one reasons for laughter!
cry when the black eyeliner on the picture rail, it will remind you, will be ugly cry!
sad, they bend over and hug yourself!
When you hurt,ralph lauren discount, when the mirror smile, laugh,affliction clothing, laughing ... ... you will find that you have that face in the mirror and found strong!
and lonely affair, nothing to do with love!
pain and pain what difference? So sad and pained What difference?
in your life, the people who leave or enter,christian audigier clothing, seen, unseen, remembered, forgotten; in your life, there are gains and losses and loss, the invisible, visible; forgotten, remember !
strong, but the trauma of hypocrisy!
small, so many things, you say, those are still small, has no sense. So now, we all grow up What?
why it has heart, when love the wrong people,tn requin, the right people are always in inappropriate time?
feeling of flying a kite, as if facing a very distant object, much of looking at it, though from very far, but the heart always Buzhi Yu despair, because you know, hold it with your hand line, as an ongoing bond, traction with each other.
I would rather ugly-looking, than the US's similar ~ ~
- (Agoni). - English (pain) meant. - Chinese pronunciation is: Warm? By bringing
a big crowd which is me? Go left or right away? I lingered in a big crowd, rain, and I said the sky was crying!
even believe are hidden among a lie
if the distance between the step 1000 as long as you take the first step in your direction I will take the remaining 999 steps
and love quarrels , and the stranger speak from the heart.
listening to sad songs and happy play
some things turned around a lifetime of
. waiting for your concern, until I closed the heart.
the day you go, I decided not to tears, Ying Zhaofeng propped force without blinking eyes.
sometimes, love is kind of hurt. Cruel people, choose to injure others, good people, choose to injure themselves.
I put down the dignity of the individual down, put down a stubborn, only because you can not let go.
life, most regrettably, than, should not give up easily given up, and stubbornly adhere to the should not be upheld ; longing for a taste, is like drinking a glass of cold water, then drop by drop cemented tears
can not refuse to start, could not resist the end.Wait ..... maybe it is not easy; hurt .... .. but can be felt in one fell swoop