new release: v 5.5.0 build 2624 at 2010/04/26
what's new:
.transfer music,copy ipad to mac, video and photo from ipad to computer.
.compatible with windows 7 64-bit and itunes 9.1.0.
new release: v 5.0.0 build 2521 at 2010/02/02
what's new:
.change product name from ipod to computer transfer to icopybot for ipod & iphone, if you already installed the old program,iphone to mac transfer, please uninstall it before install the new one.
.transfer music from ipod touch & iphone with os 3.1.3 to itunes 9.0.3.
new release: v 4.8.3 build 2507 at 2009/10/12
what's new:

.transfer music from iphone 3g/3gs and ipod touch with os 3.1.0 to itunes 9.0.0.

new release: v 4.8.2 build 2481 at 2009/07/31
what's new:

.support multiple itunes music library.
.support iphone 3gs and iphone/iphone 3g/ipod touch with os 3.0.
.compatible with itunes version 8.2.1.
.try to pair iphone with computer if it not paired.
.bug fixed: dead lock at hardware error when transfer music from ipod shuffle, ipod mini,Mac iPad Transfer, ipod nano, ipod classic and ipod video
new release: v 4.6.0 build 2404 at 2009/06/05
new features:

.add an option for organize songs by album.
.compatible with itunes version 8.2.
.bug fixed: missing files when itunes popup a prompt window.
new release: v 4.5.0 build 2350 at 2009/05/10
new features:

.optimize performance for transferring photos from ipod video, ipod classic, ipod nano 3/4 and iphone.
.support ipod shuffle 4g.
.bug fixed: error occurred when transfer large amount photos from ipod to computer.
new release: v 4.2.0 build 2291 at 2009/02/09
new features:

.get photos off ipod / iphone to computer folder.
.support ipod nano 4.
.eject duplicate files when add to itunes 's library
.rebuilt user interface.
.and more...
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